iLust: from enthusiast to nerd

My name is Kim and I’m a Mac addict.

I bought my lovely, shiny, beautiful, gorgeous iBook G4 in December 2004. I had lusted over the G5 since it was first introduced but bought an iBook in the US because it was easier to errr, lets just say it was easier (and cheaper). I loved the iBook from the moment I got it, and even though I had to go to the Genius Bar to ask an obviously stupid “I’ve just switched from Windows to Mac” question, I’ve settled into the Mac life with ease. Never looked back and never regretted it.

Recently I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude. It was subtle at first and started when Vista was released and I got my first taste of that smug sensation Mac lovers always get when Microsoft release new software – that feeling of wondering what the fuss is about, we’ve seen it all before type thing.

The release of the iPhone started another phase, the iLust phase as I like to call it.

It’s almost too much excitement to contemplete with the new iMac and the new iLife08 and iWork08 and soon it will be Leopard and maybe new iPods (rumoured to be touch screen iPhone like iPods). All of this has turned me into a complete Mac nerd – I want it all. So much so that I’ve decided to ditch buying new carpet for my house and buy a new iMac instead. I really want that full screen experience, especially now as I’m loading more photo’s and blogging (although no one reads it) and generally having more fun with my Mac.

I have it all pictured in my head – my spare room turned into a lovely office, with wooden floor, bookcases full of intelligent looking books (that I will never get around to reading). Actually it won’t be an office – it will be a shrine. A shrine to the iMac. Everything in the room will be designed to fit in with the iMac. Oh I can’t wait but I will wait just a little longer – until Leopard is released and then I will buy an iMac. Who needs new carpet anyway?


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