November 9 – the wait begins

Took me all of about 2 seconds to make the decision that I will buy an iPhone instead of an iPod Touch. I always wanted the iPhone but was unsure about the monthly plans and data usage – but the lovely folk at Apple have teamed with O2 to provide an all inclusive package and the £35 a month will do me nicely.

I’m an existing O2 customer and got a letter from them this week reminding me that my contract is about to expire – if that’s not a sign then I don’t know what it.

November is looking rather busy on the “I’m a Mac Geek and proud of it” front: Leopard is due out at the end of October, and I was going to buy the iMac when Leopard was released and now the iPhone on 9th November. This could possibly be way too much excitement to handle at once. I may have to buy the iMac earlier so I can play with it before the iPhone arrives. It’s a tough (and expensive, but worth it) life for a Mac Addict.

Next decision: where to buy it from. There’s an O2 store not far from where I live but that isn’t nearly as exciting as going into Regent St to buy one, but it could be less stressful.


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