Annual Christmas doormat rotation routine

Every year John Lewis bring out Christmas theme outdoor door mats. Each year I put off buying to the last minute then panic because they are out of stock. Well not this year. Sad as it is, the great Christmas advertising bombardment has started and John Lewis have their Christmas section on-line. So I’ve just ordered my door mat for this year. Last years doormat, which is now badly faded, will be shipped off to the back door and the new one will take pride of place at the front door – this is my annual doormat rotation routine. It won’t go out until 1st of December, but at least I know I have one and don’t have to panic over it.

What other Christmas things have I seen this week? Well, M&S have Christmas cards and wrap on display and puds and cake on sale, Woolworths are handing out their Christmas catalogue out the front of their store, I got emails this week from Boots and a hamper company, both advertising Christmas goodies.

I love Christmas, but the advertising and marketing seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. Although I’ve done a lot of my shopping and preparation, nothing goes out on display until 1st of December


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