What a nice pear (or 50)

This is the haul from the pear tree today, and that’s just the half of it. Another pile of equal size went into the compost bin.

Last year I think there were about 5 pears on the tree – this year it’s just gone mad and there are still plenty more on there. The squirrels have also been snacking on them and that has ruined quite a few. Overall there must be at least 150 pears on the tree this year. I wonder if my pruning attempts earlier this year helped things along.

The interesting thing is trying to get them off the tree. A large percentage had fallen to the ground and I ended up getting a broom and bashing as many branches as I could to dislodge those pears which were ready to drop.

It’s been a bumper fruit season this year, the plum haul was quite incredible too.


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