iMac office progressing nicely

The final “must have” piece of the puzzle arrived this evening: writing desk and chair.
As expected the delivery arrived at the very end of the allocated time frame – 8pm. I had almost given up hope of it turning up at all. Then I had to take everything out of the packaging – no mean feat, let me assure you. The glass stand thingies were packaged in wooden slats which were nailed and screwed in place. The glass top is very heavy but I managed to get it up the two flights of stairs without too much drama.

Of course the most important piece of the puzzle is the iMac itself but I have to wait a little bit longer for that. But for now I have a nice shiny new window to look out, whilst sitting at my shiny new desk, in my shiny new chair, sitting on my shiny fat bum and using my lovely little iBook. The WIFI reception seems to be good up here and it’s nice to be able to sit at a desk rather than sit on the sofa with the iBook burning a hole in my thigh.

As you can see by the picture above, there is still plastering work to be done to the inside of the window – and I’ll arrange that at some point in the future. But for now I’m happy that I have the essentials in place.


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