Leopard – first impressions

Where to start – literally, I don’t know which application, feature, fun thing to even start using. I love Cover Flow in the finder – flicking through files is so much easier when you can see a big picture of what is in it – love it and worth the money alone.

During the past week I’ve been bookmarking websites containing hints and tips on some of the new features. I haven’t had time to look at most of them yet but one I did try was using the finder as a calculator – just enter the calculation in the finder bar and voila – the answer shows up in the calculator application – without even opening it! I use the calculator a lot so I expect this will be a much used feature for me.

An unexpected bonus was the addition of Front Row and Photo Booth to my applications. These became standard kit after I bought my iBook and I wasn’t expecting them to appear when I upgraded but there they are. Photo Booth isn’t much good without a camera attached but it’s nice to have it anyway.

I’ve made myself a widget for my dashboard from a news clipping on the BBC website – probably never look at it but I had to give it a go.

Got all my RSS feeds in my mail – I much prefer to have everything in the one reader. The integration between mail and iCal is superb – adding appointments from dates within emails is quick and easy.

I’m sure I’ll rattle on some more over the course of the weekend but right now I’m off to continue my weekend of nerdiness by going to the Mac Live Expo in Kensington.


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