I’m on a train to nowhere

Why does everything always happen at once?

Why couldn’t the radiator in my bedroom start leaking last Wednesday, Thursday or Friday when I was in a position to get it fixed without too much work hassle?  Oh no, it has to start leaking on the weekend.  Being the useless DIY person that I am I failed in my attempt to clog up the hole with some sort of radiator chemical glue thing, and had to resort to a container under the leak.

So I get to work on the train today and call the plumber – he’s in the area today, so I get back on the train and go all the way home.   I’m just waiting for him to turn up and then I’ll show him the problem, hand him the keys and get the train straight back to work.  But I’ll lose my car park at the train station and will have to look around town for another one, and then tonight I’m going into London after work (on the train again) and will have to move the car from whatever park I get back to the train station in the 20 minutes between trains.  Hassle, hassle, hassle, unless by some miracle my parking spot is still there when I go back – not likely though.   Why couldn’t the leak happen on a day when I wasn’t in a hurry after work to catch trains.
So I’m going to have to fork out for a new radiator (even I can tell it’s rusted out) – one of those unexpected expenses in the lead up to Christmas.  
By the end of today it will feel as if I have spent all day on the trains.

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