Christmas for Maccies

Whilst the season of goodwill to mankind, horrendous shopping queues and car park rage is upon us, and the big day itself is just over 2 weeks away there is another Christmas lurking around the corner for Mac fans/nerds/aficionados/loonies (put yourself in whichever category you prefer – I am opting for the loonie category myself) and it’s called Macworld.  

We’ve been very spoilt this year with an array of Mac goodies to keep that sense of child-like wonder going throughout the year.  There was the iPhone announcement, the iPhone build up, the iPhone release, the iPhone announcement in the UK, a whole new iPod range, Leopard, iPhone launch in the UK…… and my own hype around preparing to buy an iMac (new year 2008).  It was hell of a year.  
So what will Santa Steve bring promise us on January 15th 2008? 
I have no idea – I’m pretty crap at predicting these sorts of things, but I would expect an updated iPhone of some sort to be announced.  Not only did that bloke from AT&T put his foot in it the other week, but Apple have to keep moving and updating to stay ahead of the jealous pack of mobile phone manufacturers.
I’ll resort to the rumour mill and my RSS readers to build up the hype between now and January 15.    They’ll do a good job of it too – by the time Macworld arrives I’ll be ready and waiting to hand over my cash to Apple.  
I love Christmas – the real one and the Mac one 🙂  

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