Costa Coffee and WIFI on my iPhone

When I first got my shiny new iPhone I headed off to the local Costa Coffee (no Starbucks near me – yes really!) to use their WIFI – just because I could. Turns out I couldn’t because they make you spend a minimum of £5 before the allow you to use their WIFI for free. I’m a tea drinker and at £1.60 a pop that means I would need to buy 4 cups of tea to take me over the £5 threshold. I’m afraid my ageing bladder couldn’t handle that, so I sat with my one cup of tea and surfed on Edge. I guess I could buy a cup of tea and a few snacks but I’m avoiding those things at the moment.

I noticed last week, whilst in the store, that another WIFI network popped into range and this one was unlocked. So I joined, surfed, checked email and generally laughed at the Costa Coffee management who came up with the £5 rule, whilst enjoying one cup of tea.  I didn’t sit there for hours on end, blocking tables. I just had my one drink and did a bit of surfing – that’s all I wanted. 

Now every time I go into the store I’m automatically connected to the unlocked, non-Costa Coffee WIFI network.  Ha!  That’ll teach you to put a minimum spend on the WIFI access.
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