iTunes movie rentals

Of all the things that were announced at the MacWorld Keynote on Tuesday, there are two things that I could begin to use immediately:  iPhone 1.1.3 update and iTunes movie rentals.

I love movies but very rarely watch them.  If I can’t download it then I won’t buy it – that’s my motto for CD’s and DVD’s. I’m sick of having boxes of discarded CD’s stored in far flung corners of the house, never to be used again.  I’ve purchased a few movies from iTunes but have always deleted them afterwards because they take up so much space on my space-deprived iBook.  I have about 6GB of free space and one movie can take up to 1.5GB of that precious space. Buying a movie at $14, watching it and deleting it is not really value for money so I rarely bothered.   Movie rentals is a whole different kettle of fish and is just the thing for me.   Sure I could have rented from other sites I guess, but I’m an iTunes girl and I want everything to integrate and work on my iPhone and iPods.  Yep, it’s the Apple way or no way for me.   
I’m UK based but have a US iTunes account which means I can take advantage of the movie rentals straight away – who knows how long it will take to materialise in the UK.  Hell, they’ve only just got TV shows on UK iTunes.
I’ve rented two movies so far:  Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End which weighs in at a hefty 1.83GB, and The Simpsons Movie which is a bit of a lightweight at under 1GB.  I shifted POTC to my iPhone which immediately cleared out the space on my iBook, allowing me to download The Simpsons.  I like this – I can have 2 movies on the go at any one time and only take up the space of 1 on my iBook.  
I’ve started watching POTC on my iPhone and the quality is great.  Too bad that Jack Sparrow hasn’t shown up in the first 20 minutes of the movie that I’ve watched so far!  Isn’t he the whole point of the movie?  Well, I have about 8 hours left to watch the rest of the movie and he’d better show up pretty damn quickly or I’ll be letting this one just “disappear” at the 24 hour mark.
It’s easy to move the movies between iTunes and iPhone (or iPod) – but each movie can only be on one of the devices.  POTC took about 6 minutes to transfer to my iPhone.
I can see that my movie watching will increase with this – and the money in my iTunes account will decrease significantly.  I’ll be buying lots of gift cards on my next visit to the US in April.

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