My iMac saga

This photo was taken from the iMac window for the iMac that never was (taken on my iPhone).  Let me explain.   I wanted to buy a 24 inch iMac and set up the loft bedroom as an office.  Before I could do this I had to get some work done on the bedroom including replacing the dark dingy window with a shiny new one, getting the damp fixed in the chimney, painting the room, getting a desk and chair.  When all that was done I could get the iMac.   

Well, I’ve finished all the work but I’m not getting the iMac.  At least not now.  Life has a habit of getting in the way of the most well planned of plans! 
I recently started a great new job that I love, but it’s quite a distance from home.  The daily commute is tiring and the cost of petrol would likely bankrupt me in the long term.  So I have made the decision to relocate.   This means the iMac money has been used getting the house ready – painting, new carpet, tidying up the garden and other bits and pieces.  
Adding to the iMac mix is the new little Apple toy, the MacBook Air.  I sure do fancy one.  My iBook G4 only has a 60GB hard drive, so I would gain 20GB.  I would also gain over 1.2MB of memory (768MB for the iBook versus 2GB for the MBA) as well as get all the latest and greatest Apple technology.  My new job will involve a fair amount of travel and whilst I have a work laptop to take (non-Mac), it would be great to take my Mac with me and the MBA would be great for that.   I know the MBA doesn’t have an ethernet connector, but hey, I’ve got an Airport Express which will work great in hotels that have a cable connection to the internet instead of WIFI.  My iBook will serve as the “disk drive” when needed, however I can’t remember the last time I actually used the superdrive on my iBook.  
Yes indeed, I think I’ve built up a strong case for the MacBook Air.  Then again, the biggest factor in buying one is the fact that I really, really, really want one  – badly.


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