Time to crank up the excitement meter – it’s iPhone Announcement time!

Tomorrow is the big day – it’s iPhone 2.0 day (or 3G day or whatever you want to call it).
I can only guess what will be announced at WWDC tomorrow evening (UK time), but I do know that by the time I get home from work it will all be over and I’ll be frantically selecting the “update” icon on iTunes to see if any new software heads our way.   If nothing else, we’re very close to getting all the 3rd party applications.  Hopefully that means lots of games and other goodies to keep us amused in boring meetings.  
What I also love about the pre-Apple announcement hype is all the rumours.  My RSS feeds go into overdrive and it’s fun to read all the stories.  I’ve said many times before that I’m amazed at how people can find out all sorts of information.  This year there are photo’s of boxes outside the depot of one of Apple’s distribution partners, and my favourite is the shipping documentation found for a commodity description that has not yet been used by Apple.  
I’m ready for whatever WWDC brings, and so is my credit card.  I don’t need a new iPhone but I am pretty sure I’ll want one as soon as it’s announced.  

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