iPhone 3G: Upgrade or not?

I guess it’s a nice dilemma to have.  Do I, or do I not upgrade to iPhone 3G.  I expect there’s a 95% chance that I’ll own one within a week of release date because I’ll just have to have one.  But there’s just a little doubt in my head about the subsidised situation.  I would prefer to pay the full cost of the phone and own it outright rather than run the risk of not being able to upgrade the handset again until the contract expires.

O2 are offering some great deals – their plans haven’t changed, the upgrade prices are ok and they are even throwing in BT Openzone WIFI for free on top of The Cloud we already have.   But back in pre-iPhone days when I had subsidised phones, you could not upgrade your handset until the current contract expired.  They used to be 12 month contracts, but now they are 18 months.  18 Months is a long time between handsets these days.  Technology moves so quickly.
I suspect that O2 are letting existing iPhone owners upgrade to 3G because the original phones are not subsidised.  It’s a great incentive for us to buy a new one and commit to another 18 months (which is only an extra 6 really as we are only 6 months through the first 18 months). My worry is that there will be some fine print saying we can’t change handsets until the end of this period and iPhone 3 is probably bound to be out within 18 months..  So I’m a little bit wary.   
Should I decide to go ahead and upgrade then the next dilemma is the colour choice:  black or white?  The white might be something different, but black tends to look sleeker.    
I guess all will be answered on July 11 or thereabouts.


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