Time zone troubles

I’m excited about going to the US for work next week. I love my job and truly do appreciate opportunities like this. I like to make the most of these situations and will go out a bit early so I can shop and sight-see (see previous post).

It all sounds glamorous but I’ve done enough business travel to know that it’s tough. Time zones are a killer, and when you travel for work you don’t have the luxury of sleeping in every day until you adjust. On my last work visit to the US I was awake at 4am every day as my body refused to switch from UK time. Sleeping tablets seemed to make little difference. I ended up logging in and working and/or emailing friends as going back to sleep was impossible. I drank gallons of coffee and by the end of each day my eyes were red from tiredness. I finally felt human again by Friday – just in time to fly back to the UK and go through the time zone change again. So although I know it will be tough and tiring, I’m still excited to be going.

Part of me will always be amazed at these opportunities. I grew up in a small town in Tasmania and could never dare to dream that I would get the chance to travel to all parts of the globe. I remember going on holiday to Queensland when I was 16 or 17 and I thought it was as far as I would ever travel in life.  How wrong I was!


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