Appy as Larry

So many apps, so little time.  

Bejewled 2 is by far my favourite game.  Probably has something to do with my lack of hand/eye co-ordination which makes playing other games less fun.  
The New York City Transit app came in very handy last week when I was trying to navigate my way around the Subway system.  I was constantly checking the maps to figure out if I was:  Updown going downtown, downtown going uptown, or completely lost.  (For those wondering, completely lost is the correct answer).
I’ve just downloaded Tap Tap Revenge and I can see that becoming very addictive in a short space of time. 
Tapulous, the folks who make Tap Tap Revenge, also make Twinkle which is a fantastic application for Twitter. I’m also looking forward to Tapulous’ other app, Friendbook, which seems to have disappeared from iTunes.   The folks at Tapulous seem to know what they are doing with their iPhone apps.
Although I had planned to get a 3G phone, I really see no reason.  My original iPhone is still alive and kicking and the app store practically turns it into a whole new device.

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