Macworld: I still have something on my “to buy” list

It was a Jobs-less Macworld but that didn’t stop me following four different Twitter feeds for the first half hour, before finishing work. As soon as I got home I madly caught up with all the goings on and was still as anxious as ever to know what had been announced.

OK, there was nothing super huge this year but I’m a realist and know that every Macworld can’t have it’s own iPhone moment. Apple is not a company that stands still and I like to believe they have lots of lovely shiny gadgets waiting in the wings. If we didn’t hear about them at Macworld then we’re going to hear about them during the year. Lets spread the Apple goodies out over the course of the year.

I’m really looking forward to the iLife update and was disappointed that it wasn’t available immediately. I use iPhoto all the time and the faces and places tagging look great. Annoyingly the Apple website just says “Shipping January”. Come on, give us a hint.

My bank account is only going to be a little bit poorer after this Macworld but I’m willing to bet that by the end of 2009 I will have contributed a hell of a lot more to Apple’s sales figures.


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