Highlights of NYC

I’m on my way back to New York (Long Island) on Monday and I still have great memories of my trip a couple of weeks ago.  Some memorable moments were:

  • Seeing a show-off skater fall flat on his bum at the Rockefeller skating rink
  • Badly straining calf muscle on first weekend and bravely hobbling around NYC for the day (in pain)
  • Apple Martini’s
  • Chicken wings (damn they were good)
  • Three Apple Martini’s in 30 minutes
  • Being slightly drunk after three Apple Martini’s in 30 minutes
  • Walking 12 miles in one day (with a still-dodgy calf muscle)
  • Realising that Dean & DeLuca wasn’t a posh Jewellery store (I always thought it looked like one when you saw it in the background on Today)
  • Knocking glasses and cutlery off a table after three Apple Martini’s
  • Raspberry Martini’s (there’s a theme happening)
  • Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge (highly recommended)
  • Man it was cold.
  • Pool and karaoke

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