Things are finally falling into place

Today was an interesting day. It started by me wiping all my contacts from my iPhone, Mac and Mobile Me. This left me without a single contact anywhere. Thank goodness for my weekly iDisk backup of contacts and I’ve managed to restore everything except was has been created in the last couple of days.

Then I called the rather well known Building Society dealing with my mortgage application and the paperwork was being dispatched as we spoke on the phone. This was very good news – getting to this point has been very stressful

Later on the solicitor calls to say they have received the faxed paperwork from well known building society and would be aiming for a moving in date of Wednesday next week. This was the best news I could have had. Sure it’s 6 days later than I had hoped but all the stress and hassle this week is easier to deal with when you have an end date in sight. Result.

Went to shop at lunch time to pick up a pre-ordered light fitting for new house and found that everything in the store was 25% off. Result.

I finally felt that good fortune has swung my way today. Things are finally falling into place and I hope to be in my new apartment this time next week (albeit sleeping on an air bed until my belongings are delivered from storage).


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