Around the world…. 4 times

According to my Tripit profile I have travelled 166 329 KM so far in 2009.  I’m jetlagged just thinking about it.  I did have the absolute pleasure of being upgraded from Business to First Class on my BA fight back from Australia.   I paid for the business class flights myself (I only go home once every 3 years so I save up for the biz flights) and on the way home stopped over in Bangkok for a few hours.  Whilst at the gate waiting to get on the plane my name was called out.  It never even occurred to me at the time that I was about to get an upgrade to first class – and I must say I was rather excited.   I’ve flown business class a few times for work and pleasure but have never been in the fully fledged, here are your pyjamas, first class cabin before.   It was lovely and quiet and plenty of space to put all my gadgets.  The toilets are much bigger too, you actually have room to move.

I got back from Australia and promptly had a 24 hour bout of food poisoning which just added to the jetlag woes.   Then 7 days later I was back on a plane heading to Canada and another time zone switch.  It took a full 2 weeks to get over the time difference between Australia, UK and Canada.  Thankfully I am staying in Canada for a while and have time to find my feet, and stay away from planes (except for upcoming trip to Florida for Halloween Horror nights, but that involves no time difference or jetlag so it doesn’t count).

I was jetlagged when packing for Canada and as a consequence I bought completely inappropriate clothing to see me through the winter.  Then again, nothing in my wardrobe would really see me through a Canadian winter.  But I could at least have packed my hat, scarf and gloves – but I didn’t.  Stay tuned to see how I cope with my first Canadian winter.


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