12 months on….

Almost  a year ago I wrote this post about “The Big Chill” happening in the UK.  Apparently it was the “coldest cold snap” I had endured since leaving Australia 12 years ago.  Little did I know in January 2009 that 12 months later I’d be in Canada for the winter.  I went out this morning and the car temperature was showing -16C which is just a wee bit colder than was I was referring to last year (and I’m sure it’s going to get colder still).

One big difference over here is that it’s so easy to buy the right clothing to stay warm in the colder temperatures.   Coats are filled with down, super light and keep you roasty toasty warm.   I’ve fallen in love with the Columbia brand – their jackets are so light, soft and warm and they go in the washing machine and dryer – it’s just so easy.

My wardrobe now contains silk long johns – there’s something I never thought I’d hear myself saying!  I have boots with the right grip and insulation, and gloves built for arctic temperatures.  Going outside in the freezing weather isn’t so bad when you are prepared for it.   My clothing in the UK was completely inappropriate for a cold snap, but I’ll be taking everything back with me so next year I’ll be prepared for anything and everything the UK weather gods throw at me.  As for this winter, well I’m still waiting for the big snowfall to happen.


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