iPhoto is not my friend right now

So  my iPhoto started to slow down and I must have pressed the delete key one too many times whilst waiting for something to happen.  Next I notice all my albums starting to sync with Flickr and Mobile Me.   Mild panic sets in.  I try to stop the syncing, check Flickr, notice photo’s gone and major panic sets in, followed by major cursing.

I manage to restore all pics from the trash but lost a lot of pictures in Flickr, and the lovely comments that people had made.  Also lost the links, groups, tags and all the stuff that takes time to do.

These photo’s were in other sets within Flickr but the iPhoto sync completely removes them from Flickr if they are not in the sync’d folder.  Complete madness!!!

Update:  FlickrExport is my new best friend.  So much more powerful than the iPhoto integration and it won’t delete my Flickr pictures or screw up the syncing.


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