Shiny new iMac joy

I’ve had the 27″ iMac on my wish list for quite some time, and yesterday it made the top of my list.  I made a shopping appointment at my local Apple store (they are always crazy busy) and walked out with the shiny, heavy, bundle of goodness that is the 27″ iMac. Thankfully the lovely sales guy at the Apple store wheeled it to my car on a trolley.  No way could I have carried it all that way.

Using the Migration Assistant was always going to be interesting for me as my MacBook Air was the main Mac until now.  It’s a great machine and I just love it, but there is a distinct lack of slots for cables and all that jazz, so I decided to go with the WIFI transfer via Migration Assistant.  I knew this would take a while – 12 hours in fact and that didn’t include my iPhoto library which didn’t copy.  That took another 2 hours today.

All my settings seem ok and I’m using Spaces for the first time ever. It seemed overkill for the MacBook Air but is fantastic on the bigger screen where I tend to have more things open and going at once.  I’ve now sync’d my iPhone without issue, and the iPad is backing up right now.  I have noticed some missing files in the iTunes library and hopefully the iPad sync will take care of a few of those, although I suspect a bit of manual copying will be required. Mobile Me sync seems to have worked ok, no issues to report so far.  If anything was going to screw up, I’d have my money on Mobile Me 🙂

As for the iMac itself, well it’s just beautiful and big.  Being able to view multiple applications at once is brilliant and was one of the main reasons for wanting the giant screen.  I do have to get used to the smaller keyboard, and I’m coming to grips with the Trackpad and Magic Mouse. It’s just fantastic and I’m very, very pleased.


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