SuperMoon and SuperSunset

Sun and Moon, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

You can’t really ask for much more in March: beautiful sunshine on a Saturday. To top it off, it was SuperMoon weekend so not only were we treated to lovely sunrises and sunsets but an amazing full moon as well.

I took these two pictures with my Panasonic DMC-TZ8, and both were taken from my apartment. I think the top photo of the sunset makes it look like I live in some sort of tropical paradise, which is not the case 🙂 The sun is still a little way from the horizon, and you can see the treetops in the bottom left corner. Still, it’s a beautiful scene and the seagulls add some extra interest.

The photo of the moon was taken just after it appeared on the horizon. It was very orange at this point. As it got higher it became whiter and brighter and I struggled to capture a decent photo of it.

These two shots were put together with the Diptic App on my iPhone.

Original photo of the sunset can be seen here on Flickr and the moon photo is here.


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