Hipstamatic: Fenced in

This photo that I took last week made it to Flickr Explore and was also a “Faved On Flickr” from the Life in Lofi iPhoneography website. To round out the trio of goodness, the photo was also a fotogriPhone “Pic of the Day” – another flickr group featuring outstanding work. I’m extremely chuffed that one of my photos was even considered for these great flickr groups.

I’ve had one other Explore on Flickr in the past but at the time I never knew, and the photo was subsequently deleted from Flickr in the great iPhone sync disaster of 2009. So although I know there was an Explore photo back then, it’s gone from my archive and I have no clue which one it was.

Life in Lofi is my favourite iPhoneography website, as well as one of the best groups on Flickr to showcase iPhonoegraphy. The weekly “Faved on Flickr” is a great idea and the list of faves never fails to impress.


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