About me

I’m a Aussie (escaped from Tasmania) living in the UK.

I I work in the Global IS department for a reasonably well known company (no names here, this is a personal blog), and have had a few opportunities to travel as part of my job.  Whilst the opportunities to travel and see the world have been amazing, it also takes it’s toll on your  health (if you let it).   I became complacent and downright lazy whilst travelling.  Indulging in too many hotel and restaurant meals and way too much red wine.  The end result was a bloated, fat, unfit and unhealthy person.  Not to mention unhappy and pretty disappointed in myself.

Ultimately this was my fault – no one forced me to eat badly or drink the 2nd or 3rd glass of wine, or skip the gym. It was all me.

Eventually I said enough is enough, cut down on travelling, got myself a personal trainer and reprioritised my health and fitness.



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  1. Hiya Kimbo! Ya photo’s are great! I’m heading over to Tassie next week! Hoping to take some pic;s of West coast!

    Hope all is well with you & chat soon!

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