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Sparkle in the Sunshine. iPhone 4

I’ve posted a lot of pictures taken with my Olympus E-PL3 recently, but I still take pics with my iPhone 4 🙂

This one was taken along the cliffs near Coogee Beach, using Hipstamatic. I cropped out the border and ran it through Snapseed.

The end result was a bit sparkly and different from my other pictures of these grasses. This one made it to the 50’s in Flickr Explore on 25th December – by far my best ever result in Explore (I’ve only had about 7 anyway).


Shiny new iMac joy

I’ve had the 27″ iMac on my wish list for quite some time, and yesterday it made the top of my list.  I made a shopping appointment at my local Apple store (they are always crazy busy) and walked out with the shiny, heavy, bundle of goodness that is the 27″ iMac. Thankfully the lovely sales guy at the Apple store wheeled it to my car on a trolley.  No way could I have carried it all that way.

Using the Migration Assistant was always going to be interesting for me as my MacBook Air was the main Mac until now.  It’s a great machine and I just love it, but there is a distinct lack of slots for cables and all that jazz, so I decided to go with the WIFI transfer via Migration Assistant.  I knew this would take a while – 12 hours in fact and that didn’t include my iPhoto library which didn’t copy.  That took another 2 hours today.

All my settings seem ok and I’m using Spaces for the first time ever. It seemed overkill for the MacBook Air but is fantastic on the bigger screen where I tend to have more things open and going at once.  I’ve now sync’d my iPhone without issue, and the iPad is backing up right now.  I have noticed some missing files in the iTunes library and hopefully the iPad sync will take care of a few of those, although I suspect a bit of manual copying will be required. Mobile Me sync seems to have worked ok, no issues to report so far.  If anything was going to screw up, I’d have my money on Mobile Me 🙂

As for the iMac itself, well it’s just beautiful and big.  Being able to view multiple applications at once is brilliant and was one of the main reasons for wanting the giant screen.  I do have to get used to the smaller keyboard, and I’m coming to grips with the Trackpad and Magic Mouse. It’s just fantastic and I’m very, very pleased.

My iPad journey in Tweets

I’ve been bitching and moaning and full of jealousy about not having an iPad for quite some time. Below are some of my Tweet over the past couple of months.  They seem to cover a wide range of emotions:  jealousy, anger, rage, envy, disappointment and a good old fashioned happy ending.

April 3: It’s “the #iPad isn’t available in my country and I’m jealous as hell” day.

April 6: Nope. I still don’t have an iPad.

April 6: now the TV is taunting me with iPad ads. C’mon, just give out the release dates and put the rest of the world out of their misery.

April 7: Apple are going to sneak the iPad international release dates into the iPhone 4.0 event tomorrow, right? Please oh please, I’m dying here!

April 8: Super duper excited about iPhone 4.0 especially as I have 3GS but where the freaking hell is my iPad on-sale date for Canada?

April 9: Number of iPad apps I own = 12. Number of iPads I own = 0. Sigh.

April 10: 24th April is 2 weeks away. Where’s my iPad release date announcement? Update: iPad-only apps purchased = 12. iPads purchased = 0

April 11: Time for my daily “I don’t have an iPad and I’m pissed about it” rant. Here goes: I don’t have an iPad and I’m pissed about it.

April 14: when is that damn “notify me” button on the Apple Canada iPad page going to change to a “buy me” or at least “order me”?

April 14: here we go, Apple taunting me with iPad ads during #Lost

April 15: For the record Apple: yes, I am disappointed by the late release of the iPad in international markets.

April 24: Got my hands on an iPad today, albeit briefly. Heavier than I thought but so beautiful. I want one even more than I did before.

May 1: I’m full of iPad envy. Am interested in knowing the 3G options when you buy a foreign iPad.

May 1: oooooh, according to the site stats someone visited my blog on their iPad. My inner geek is quite excited by this 🙂

May 6: iPad pre-order date for UK is just around the corner (Monday). Maybe we’ll finally get an actual release date so I can start counting days!

May 7: iPad goes on sale in UK 28th April, the day I arrive back in UK (volcano’s and BA strikes permitting). Bit of a logistical issue for me.

May 7: iPad purchase plan C is actually original Plan A. Buy in US on work visit in just over a weeks time.

May 15: Tomorrow I head across the border on a work trip. I hope to throw money at Apple in exchange for magical and revolutionary device.

May 16: Checked in, done immigration to US, flight on time. iPad purchase day starting off OK. I hope they have stock!

May 16: Out of stock -all models. Damn the iPad supply chain to hell.

May 16: I couldn’t get an iPad so I bought shoes. Shoes are great and all, but I’d rather go barefoot and have an iPad.

May 18: Forecast for iPad purchase whilst in NY/Long Island is like the weather: gloomy

May 19: wish I could find an iPad to not pay cash with! RT @TUAW: Apple no-cash policy for iPad takes some by surprise [post]

May 19: What is iPad? I’ll tell you what iPad is. iPad is freaking elusive. iPad is freaking sold out. Yes, I’m bitter about not having one.

May 19: Officially giving up on the iPad purchase dream this week. Back in UK on Day 1 of release but too late to pre-order. Will have to queue up!

May 19: My next tweet will be from my iPad. 64GB WIFI. Ditched 3g option this time around. Joy oh joy oh joy

May 19: This geek girl got herself a shiny new iPad. Was so excited to find one that I forgot to buy a cover for it. This thing is so gorgeous.

Sent from my iPad

I’m in geek girl heaven right now. After 3 luckless days I finally got myself an iPad. I had actually given up and didn’t even phone the store to see if they had stock today. I headed to the mall after work to buy a final few things on my last night in the US. I decided to pop into the Apple store just in case. In fact my opening line to the sales guy was “I assume you are out of stock of iPads?” He replied not with a no but with “which one are you looking for?”.

I ended up leaving the store with a 64GB WIFI model. I was so excited that I completely forgot to buy a case for it and I’m travelling tomorrow.

I’m pretty happy right now.

iPhoto is not my friend right now

So  my iPhoto started to slow down and I must have pressed the delete key one too many times whilst waiting for something to happen.  Next I notice all my albums starting to sync with Flickr and Mobile Me.   Mild panic sets in.  I try to stop the syncing, check Flickr, notice photo’s gone and major panic sets in, followed by major cursing.

I manage to restore all pics from the trash but lost a lot of pictures in Flickr, and the lovely comments that people had made.  Also lost the links, groups, tags and all the stuff that takes time to do.

These photo’s were in other sets within Flickr but the iPhoto sync completely removes them from Flickr if they are not in the sync’d folder.  Complete madness!!!

Update:  FlickrExport is my new best friend.  So much more powerful than the iPhoto integration and it won’t delete my Flickr pictures or screw up the syncing.

iPhone 3GS camera close up

I love, love, love the macro capability of the iPhone 3GS. Because the iPhone is always in my handbag, it’s so easy to snap a picture when something catches your eye. Here’s a selection of pictures taken over the past two or three days.

These preview versions really don’t do the pictures justice – click on them to see the full size. The detail is amazing.
All my pictures taken with the iPhone 3GS can be found on my Flickr page

iPhone 3GS

Wow, where do I start? The voice commands, the compass view in Google Maps, MMS? I haven’t even tried out the video yet. Personally I think it’s well worth the upgrade just for the camera. Touch to focus is fantastic and you can see a big improvement in the pictures taken. Below is a picture of the same thing taken on my old original iPhone (L) and the new iPhone 3GS (R) (As if I need to point out which was taken on what camera)

The difference is quite staggering. When I copied the files to my desktop, the 3GS one was 1.1MB and the original iPhone picture was 816KB.

I’ll be testing out the camera a bit more tomorrow, along with the newly updated Pano App (which I love and highly recommend). See that picture a the top of my blog? That was taken on my 1st Gen iPhone using the Pano App. I’ll try and take another one tomorrow using iPhone 3GS for comparison purposes