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iPhone creations of the week

Here are my iPhone 3GS creations from this past week. All processed using a variety of apps, including: DXP, Best Camera, TiltShiftGen, FocalLab and Lo-Mob

You can see the original photo’s over on my flickr page:

-> Glasses

-> Grate

-> Road


iPhone 3GS pic of the day: Test Pattern

This one reminds me of a test pattern, for some reason.   Original photo (at bottom), taken at Portsmouth seafront on iPhone 3GS.  Processed using DXP, CameraBag and TiltShiftGen (3 fantastic apps)

iPhone 3GS Test Pattern

Taken with iPhone 3GS

Taken with iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS pic of the day: Hydrant


Taken with iPhone 3GS

Photo of a fire hydrant taken on iPhone 3GS and processed using PS Mobile, DXP (mirror imaging), TiltShiftGen, CameraBag (Magazine) and Best Camera.  The rather boring original photo can be seen here on flickr.

Evolution of a Fire Hydrant

The series of photo’s below show the progress of my original fire hydrant picture to the end result.

Row 1 L-R:  1.  Original Photo.  2. Mirror image left to right using DXP App

Row 2 L-R:  1.  Mirror image top to bottom using DXP App.   2.  Colour adjusted and blur added using TiltShiftGen & CameraBag (magazine filter)

Row 3:   Final result:  Borders and vignette added using Best Camera App

Circle of Life. iPhone 3GS / PS Mobile / DXP / Camerabag

iPhone, PS Mobile, DXP, Camerabag

Circle of life

Original photo of butterfly taken on my iPhone 3GS. Photo was cropped using PS Mobile so the butterfly was in the bottom right corner. Processed using DXP mirror imaging. Mirrored left to right, then top to bottom, using Overlay Effect. Finally processed using Camerabag and Fisheye effect. I’m not a big fan of Fisheye, but it turned out to be perfect for this photo. Original can be found here:

By the Seaside. iPhone 3GS / DXP / Camerabag

The original of this photo was taken in Stanley, Tasmania.  It was then processed using DXP app and the mirror imaging function.  Finally it was processed using Camerabag and Lolo filter.

iPhone 3GS, DXP and CameraBag apps

By the Seaside

The original of this photo can be seen here on flickr.
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