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Love Fireworks

There were some great fireworks at Gunwharf Quays and Spinnaker Tower on Friday night. My chances of capturing any decent pictures with my iPhone 3GS were pretty slim, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying. I managed to capture 3 or 4 half decent shots, but my favourite is this one processed with DXP. I used the mirror image function from L to R and the end result was heart shaped fireworks (and 2 Spinnaker Towers). Best Camera was then used for the border.


iPhone 3GS: favourite post-processed photo (so far)

This is probably my favourite processed iPhone 3GS photo that I’ve done so far.  I just love it.

iPhone 3GS

The original photo is of a plastic glass and was taken using the Hipstamatic app.  It was a quick snap, which I then processed using the following apps:

  • DXP.  I mirror imaged left to right, the top to bottom.  This didn’t make a huge difference as the original shot was only slightly off centre.  But it did widen the focal point of the photo and helped during the next stage
  • Ezimba.  This was the money app for this photo.  I used the “Swirl – High” option which is considered a “Fun Warp”.  To get just the right level of swirliness, I applied the swirl 12 times.
  • Best Camera.  Added border, vignette and warm overlays to get the final zingy colour.

The original photo, taken with Hipstamatic is below:

iPhone 3GS / Hipstamatic

iPhone 3GS / Hipstamatic

My collection if iPhone pictures can be seen here on flickr

Mixed Film

Like a mixed tape, this lot of iPhone pictures is a like a mixed film of assorted goodies.  Photo’s taken with iPhone 3GS and use assorted Apps for processing, including: Lo-Mob, Hipstamatic, Pano, RetroCamera & DXP

Row 1, L-R:  Snow covered grate ( DXP, Lo-Mob and RetroCamera apps),  Oh Canada pepsi can (Hipstamatic and Lo-Mob)

Row 2, L-R: Moon (Hipstamatic), London Underground (Lo-Mob)

Row 3, L-R: HMS Warrior at Sunset in Portsmouth (Hipstamatic),  Portsmouth Harbour at Sunset (Pano)

All of my iPhone pics can be seen over on flickr

iPhone creations of the week

Here are my iPhone 3GS creations from this past week. All processed using a variety of apps, including: DXP, Best Camera, TiltShiftGen, FocalLab and Lo-Mob

You can see the original photo’s over on my flickr page:

-> Glasses

-> Grate

-> Road

iPhone 3GS pic of the day: Test Pattern

This one reminds me of a test pattern, for some reason.   Original photo (at bottom), taken at Portsmouth seafront on iPhone 3GS.  Processed using DXP, CameraBag and TiltShiftGen (3 fantastic apps)

iPhone 3GS Test Pattern

Taken with iPhone 3GS

Taken with iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS pic of the day: Hydrant


Taken with iPhone 3GS

Photo of a fire hydrant taken on iPhone 3GS and processed using PS Mobile, DXP (mirror imaging), TiltShiftGen, CameraBag (Magazine) and Best Camera.  The rather boring original photo can be seen here on flickr.

Evolution of a Fire Hydrant

The series of photo’s below show the progress of my original fire hydrant picture to the end result.

Row 1 L-R:  1.  Original Photo.  2. Mirror image left to right using DXP App

Row 2 L-R:  1.  Mirror image top to bottom using DXP App.   2.  Colour adjusted and blur added using TiltShiftGen & CameraBag (magazine filter)

Row 3:   Final result:  Borders and vignette added using Best Camera App