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Brooklyn in Bloom

One of my favourite pics from my visit to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. There were so many wonderful trees in flower and I really liked this view.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

via Flickr


The Tern.

The Tern, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

Lots of Terns on the beach and they seem to spend most of the day just sitting there watching the world go by (not unlike me ).

I snapped this photo with my iPhone4 and Hipstamatic app whilst walking along the beach. Never easy to catch these in-flight so I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

Into the dark. iPhone4

Into the dark, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my Olympus E-PL3 lately, but I haven’t forgot the camera on the iPhone. As always, it’s the one camera I always have with me.

I’d lost a lot of momentum with Hipstamatic – maybe because there are so many combinations these days and I just couldn’t be bothered. Last night I decided to try out some combinations on the flowers before they died.

This one turned out so nice – it’s exactly how it came out of the iPhone – not app adjustments. This used John S Lens, Dylan Film and Jolly Rainbo2X Flash

Sparkle in the Sunshine. iPhone 4

I’ve posted a lot of pictures taken with my Olympus E-PL3 recently, but I still take pics with my iPhone 4 🙂

This one was taken along the cliffs near Coogee Beach, using Hipstamatic. I cropped out the border and ran it through Snapseed.

The end result was a bit sparkly and different from my other pictures of these grasses. This one made it to the 50’s in Flickr Explore on 25th December – by far my best ever result in Explore (I’ve only had about 7 anyway).

The Departed: Hovercraft Hipstamatic

The Departed, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

You can never have too many pictures of a Hovercraft. That’s what I tell myself every time I walk along the Southsea Seafront.

I tried out a new Hipstamatic lens this time: Libatique 73, and it’s given a different feel to the scene. Whilst I took quite a few pictures of the Hovercraft, this was the one I wanted: centred and heading off into the distance.