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Gulls Galore. Olympus E-PL3

Gulls Galore. Olympus E-PL3, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

It’s impossible for me to not take pictures of seagulls along the beach. The end result of all the same-same pics is sometimes one like this. I really love the grey of the gulls against the green of the ocean


The Tern.

The Tern, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

Lots of Terns on the beach and they seem to spend most of the day just sitting there watching the world go by (not unlike me ).

I snapped this photo with my iPhone4 and Hipstamatic app whilst walking along the beach. Never easy to catch these in-flight so I am quite pleased with how this turned out.

Here come the Peeps. Olympus E-PL3

The Sanderlings that inhabit the Florida beaches are just the cutest things to watch. They runs fast as their little legs can go but they have been more approachable in the windy weather during the past few days.

Swim Away. Olympus E-PL3

Swim Away. Olympus E-PL3, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

I took this on the snorkelling trip I did in Barbados. This was taken up near Holetown with my Olympus E-PL3 which was protected by a Dicapac underwater case. I put a lot of faith in that underwater case and it didn’t let me down.

p.s. I love Barbados.

Swimming with Turtles. Olympus E-PL3

Barbados Turtle. Olympus E-PL3, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

Had an amazing day swimming with Turtles on the west coast of Barbados today. These guys are super friendly and so cute.

Pictures were taken with my Olympus E-PL3 which was kept nice and dry in a Dicapack case.

Seagull Reflection – Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3

Seagull Reflection (E-PL3), originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

I really like the reflection of the seagull in the sand on this one. The seagulls were all along the beach this day and you just had to approach calmly and quietly and you had a chance of a decent snap.

This was taken on the first day of using my Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3. There was a lot of glare so it was hard to see what was going on at times, and I still have a lot to learn about the camera. But it was the right one to buy – I love it.

Daily Sunrise: Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3

Seats at sunrise (E-PL3), originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

I just bought myself the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 camera. I’ve been wanting a Micro 4/3 camera for a while and had been eyeing off the Panasonic GF3. I was put off by the lack of a control dial on the Panasonic – lots of touch screen control. Don’t get me wrong, I love touch screens on my iPhone and iPad but am not ready for them on a camera.

Turns out I made the right choice – I love the E-PL3 It’s my first Olympus camera but the controls feel familiar and I’m slowing getting to know all the functions.

I’ve only had the E-PL3 for a few days and took a few pics on the beach in Ft Lauderdale. ┬áThe pics are over on my Flickr account