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Sent from my iPad

I’m in geek girl heaven right now. After 3 luckless days I finally got myself an iPad. I had actually given up and didn’t even phone the store to see if they had stock today. I headed to the mall after work to buy a final few things on my last night in the US. I decided to pop into the Apple store just in case. In fact my opening line to the sales guy was “I assume you are out of stock of iPads?” He replied not with a no but with “which one are you looking for?”.

I ended up leaving the store with a 64GB WIFI model. I was so excited that I completely forgot to buy a case for it and I’m travelling tomorrow.

I’m pretty happy right now.


iTunes 8.1 Genius for TV and Movies

On Sunday afternoon I was looking at the TV shows I had just downloaded in iTunes and the Genius sidebar appeared in TV shows, complete with recommendations. Luckily I took a screenshot because after navigating away it just disappeared and I haven’t seen it since. I guess Apple are testing it, or something – not sure how else to explain it.
iTunes TV Genius

Excitement Meter

It’s been a while since I cranked up the excitement meter, and to be honest it’s only ever used around the time of Apple announcements. It’s back to work tomorrow which makes today one of the most depressing days of the year, but tomorrow is also the start of Macworld.

Steve Jobs or no Steve Jobs, we are bound to get something new and in the depths of winter that’s more than enough to get me excited. Last year the MacBook Air was introduced and I was suitably impressed enough to buy one in March (BTW I love it and use it as my main Mac).

My theory is that a Steve Jobs-less keynote is the perfect opportunity to announce something pretty nifty and show that it can be done by someone else. That theory is based on nothing other than my wishful thinking.

I’ll be in the US at the end of January for work but am unlikely to buy anything new then – my finances need to recover from Christmas first. However I will be back in April (holiday) and that will be the perfect time to buy something new that I don’t yet know is a “must have”.


My MacBook Air

My MacBook Air

Red squares of MacBook Air despair

Availability of the MacBook air isn’t looking too good in the UK at the moment.  If you can’t get one in the Regent Street store then there isn’t much hope.  Thankfully I will have the opportunity to purchase one in the US, where there does seem to be stock (at the moment).  I just hope those little green dots of availability stay there for two more weeks.

My iMac saga

This photo was taken from the iMac window for the iMac that never was (taken on my iPhone).  Let me explain.   I wanted to buy a 24 inch iMac and set up the loft bedroom as an office.  Before I could do this I had to get some work done on the bedroom including replacing the dark dingy window with a shiny new one, getting the damp fixed in the chimney, painting the room, getting a desk and chair.  When all that was done I could get the iMac.   

Well, I’ve finished all the work but I’m not getting the iMac.  At least not now.  Life has a habit of getting in the way of the most well planned of plans! 
I recently started a great new job that I love, but it’s quite a distance from home.  The daily commute is tiring and the cost of petrol would likely bankrupt me in the long term.  So I have made the decision to relocate.   This means the iMac money has been used getting the house ready – painting, new carpet, tidying up the garden and other bits and pieces.  
Adding to the iMac mix is the new little Apple toy, the MacBook Air.  I sure do fancy one.  My iBook G4 only has a 60GB hard drive, so I would gain 20GB.  I would also gain over 1.2MB of memory (768MB for the iBook versus 2GB for the MBA) as well as get all the latest and greatest Apple technology.  My new job will involve a fair amount of travel and whilst I have a work laptop to take (non-Mac), it would be great to take my Mac with me and the MBA would be great for that.   I know the MBA doesn’t have an ethernet connector, but hey, I’ve got an Airport Express which will work great in hotels that have a cable connection to the internet instead of WIFI.  My iBook will serve as the “disk drive” when needed, however I can’t remember the last time I actually used the superdrive on my iBook.  
Yes indeed, I think I’ve built up a strong case for the MacBook Air.  Then again, the biggest factor in buying one is the fact that I really, really, really want one  – badly.