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Shiny new iMac joy

I’ve had the 27″ iMac on my wish list for quite some time, and yesterday it made the top of my list.  I made a shopping appointment at my local Apple store (they are always crazy busy) and walked out with the shiny, heavy, bundle of goodness that is the 27″ iMac. Thankfully the lovely sales guy at the Apple store wheeled it to my car on a trolley.  No way could I have carried it all that way.

Using the Migration Assistant was always going to be interesting for me as my MacBook Air was the main Mac until now.  It’s a great machine and I just love it, but there is a distinct lack of slots for cables and all that jazz, so I decided to go with the WIFI transfer via Migration Assistant.  I knew this would take a while – 12 hours in fact and that didn’t include my iPhoto library which didn’t copy.  That took another 2 hours today.

All my settings seem ok and I’m using Spaces for the first time ever. It seemed overkill for the MacBook Air but is fantastic on the bigger screen where I tend to have more things open and going at once.  I’ve now sync’d my iPhone without issue, and the iPad is backing up right now.  I have noticed some missing files in the iTunes library and hopefully the iPad sync will take care of a few of those, although I suspect a bit of manual copying will be required. Mobile Me sync seems to have worked ok, no issues to report so far.  If anything was going to screw up, I’d have my money on Mobile Me 🙂

As for the iMac itself, well it’s just beautiful and big.  Being able to view multiple applications at once is brilliant and was one of the main reasons for wanting the giant screen.  I do have to get used to the smaller keyboard, and I’m coming to grips with the Trackpad and Magic Mouse. It’s just fantastic and I’m very, very pleased.


Gadget Girl

Buying an in flight power adaptor for my MacBook Air is one of the smartest moves I’ve made this year. What a difference it makes to know that my MBA and iPhone would survive the flight across the Atlantic and both be fully charged when I got to the other side.

I was lucky enough to have a spare seat beside me so I set up camp for the journey. The MBA was plugged into the power source, my iPhone was plugged into the MBA, as were the headphones. I could watch movies and TV shows on the MBA (or listen to music) and play games on my iPhone at the same time. Multi tasking in the sky.


I don’t know how I’ve gotten by without the power adaptor in the past.

Heading to New York

2003 NYNY (84).jpg

This week I’m off to New York on a work trip. I’ll be out Long Island way during the week, and there is a lot of work to be done but I will have two weekends to spend in Manhattan. I’ve done most of the tourist things in the past but the Top of the Rock is new to me so I’ll be heading up there. That should be a perfect opportunity to really test the Pano App on the iPhone. (Photo above taken by me on a previous trip to NYC, before the days of the iPhone).

I won’t be without my gaggle of gadgets on this trip. I have my MacBook Air and iPhone along with an Airport Express to create a little network in my hotel room. I’ll have to rely on WIFI on the iPhone when I’m out and about and that can be a bit hit and miss. Then again, WIFI access is the perfect excuse to stop and have a Starbucks.

I recently got an in-flight adapter for my MBA so I have a few TV shows and movies to keep me going, although I’ll probably have Wall-E on repeat for the whole flight. The iPhone is stocked up with games and more guides to New York than I’ll ever need.

I love my job and the opportunities it gives me.

Excitement Meter

It’s been a while since I cranked up the excitement meter, and to be honest it’s only ever used around the time of Apple announcements. It’s back to work tomorrow which makes today one of the most depressing days of the year, but tomorrow is also the start of Macworld.

Steve Jobs or no Steve Jobs, we are bound to get something new and in the depths of winter that’s more than enough to get me excited. Last year the MacBook Air was introduced and I was suitably impressed enough to buy one in March (BTW I love it and use it as my main Mac).

My theory is that a Steve Jobs-less keynote is the perfect opportunity to announce something pretty nifty and show that it can be done by someone else. That theory is based on nothing other than my wishful thinking.

I’ll be in the US at the end of January for work but am unlikely to buy anything new then – my finances need to recover from Christmas first. However I will be back in April (holiday) and that will be the perfect time to buy something new that I don’t yet know is a “must have”.


My MacBook Air

My MacBook Air

Meet Millie and Minnie

Millie (on the left) is my iBook that I purchased a few years ago at the Millennium Mall in Florida (hence the name Millie). On the right is Minnie, my shiny new MacBook Air purchased last week in Minneapolis.

I’ve now got sharing set up between the two and today I remotely installed iWork08 onto Minnie from Millie. It was a bit freaky because I was sitting over by the MacBook Air watching, yet the noise from the hard drove was coming from the other Mac. I’m now coming to grips with keeping data in sync between two Macs. I have always synched to .Mac but only so I could see my data from the internet. Now I want to keep both Macs in sync so it’s more important to get it right. So far so good.

MacBook Air – star of the security queues

I’m back home from my business trip to the US and I had a great time. It was tiring due to the time difference and a body clock that insists on staying on UK time. But it was great fun and very useful from a work perspective. I purchased my object of desire: A MacBook Air which turning into the star of the show going through airport security checkpoints. At Minneapolis airport I got pulled over for a search – I had changed my seat online and apparently this qualified me for the more thorough bag search. The guy doing the search asked if I had any Laptops and I replied that I had two (my work one and my newly purchased MacBook Air). He then jokingly commented (it was in a nice way, not at all nasty or anything) that he was hoping for an easy search but with two laptops that wouldn’t be the case. Then I got out the MacBook Air and his eyes lit up like you wouldn’t believe. Turns out he’s a Mac user at home, running Boot Camp to power some sort of music software. So we had a nice little conversation about the Air, Macs and software. It was a fun and interesting search, for once. Then last night at JKF the MBA had gone through the X-Ray and this older TSA lady (probably 60-ish) spotted it and asked if it was the new “thin” computer. She then proceeded to pick it up, ooh and ahh over it, and then eventually gave it back to me. Everyone who saw it was very curious and very impressed.

MacBook Air so far….

So far so beautiful. Everyone wants to look at the MacBook Air, and they are completely blown away by it. I haven’t had a lot of time to use it, as I am on a business trip, but I’m loving it so far. It’s great to have a Mac to use in the hotel rather than having to use my work laptop for personal use. The less I use Windoze the better.

I’m trying out the different trackpad options – trying to remember to use the trackpad instead of keyboard commands – habits can be hard to break. I love the keypad for typing and it’s a bonus that the letters are still visible on the keys – unlike my poor old iBook where most of them have worn off over time.

I haven’t run setup assistant or anything on the MacBook Air yet because my iBook is at home, but this is where .Mac comes into it’s own. I synced from .Mac all of my email and bookmarks and also downloaded my synced iCal, so now I virtually have all the same data on the MacBook Air. When I get home I’ll set up file sharing between the two and see what I can copy across wirelessly using the new wizz-bang software.

Compared to my iBook this thing is lightning fast. Of course I don’t have much data on the MBA yet, but the 2GB of memory versus 756MB on the iBook makes a huge difference. The other thing I love is the magsafe power connector. Once again my poor old iBook suffered by not having this (wasn’t available when I bought my iBook) and many times I’ve tripped over the power cord and the pins are bent out of shape and out of alignment. It usually takes a bit of wiggling around to get it to fit into the iBook correctly.

I’m looking forward to getting home and copying more from the iBook and getting sharing working, oh and Back to my Mac – hopefully I can try that out. Plenty to keep me busy between now and the arrival of iPhone 3rd party apps.

My next purchase will be a Time Capsule – but probably not until April.