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Winter Harbour

Portsmouth Harbour on a chilly winters day. The sun was trying to peek through the clouds and leaving a lovely glow on the sea. Taken with Pano mode on iPhone 5

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Water on the Window. Olympus E-PL3

Nothing like a drought declaration to ensure we get drenched with rain all weekend. I took this picture of raindrops on the window on an odd angle. I thought the results were interesting enough to share.

Taken with Olympus E-PL3 and Zuiko 35MM F3.5 Macro Lens

First sign of spring

Snowdrop, originally uploaded by Kimb0lene.

I love it when the first flowers start to appear. Although the northern hemisphere is still in the depths of winter, the sign of a snowdrop is a moral boost reminding us that spring is not that far away. This little snowdrop had only just flowered and wasn’t even tall enough to reach the top of the flower pot.

Snow 2.0

Second snowfall of the month, although we didn’t get as much as everyone else and it was about 1/4 the amount of earlier in December.  At least it fell on a Saturday and during daylight hours, so I got to see it falling.  As usual I was out and about with my iPhone.  Because the snow was quite light I had to go looking for different things to photograph.

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Followed by the fog!


HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior












After the snow, rain and ice came the fog.  Yep, we’ve had it all this week.

This photo was taken on Sunday afternoon as the fog rolled into Portsmouth. HMS Warrior looked right at home surrounded by the fog.  Picture taken with iPhone 3GS and processed with PictureShow.  To be fair, I didn’t have to do much with PictureShow – just add a border.  The original iPhone 3GS photo had just the right amount of doom and gloom about it.

Snow in December!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed by the snow – like a lot of Aussies who never see it that much.  Growing up, Christmas meant warm weather, BBQ’s and beaches, yet we still sent Christmas cards with snow covered trees.   Snow really means Christmas.  Snow on 2nd December is probably as close as I’m ever going to get to a white Christmas.  I even spent last year in Toronto and still didn’t see a flake on the big day. Living by the coast here in Portsmouth, I didn’t really think we’d get the level of snow they were predicting but for once the weather boffins got the forecast right.  It started snowing around 9pm – right on cue, and by the time I got up at 6.30 the next day there was 4.5 inches of the white fluffy stuff on my patio.  Whoo hoo!

Above are some pictures I took on the big snow day.

Top Row:  patio pictures

Middle Row: Down by Portsmouth Harbour

Bottom Row: Trees at Gunwharf Quays, and a snow covered chair.

All pictures taken with iPhone 3GS and processed with Picture Show or CameraBag

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Out and about

It’s so nice to be back in my own house, enjoying a surprisingly nice English summer.  It’s been warm, sunny and I have had to use sunscreen 2 weekends in a row (a record, from memory).

Here’s a few more Hipstamatic pictures I’ve taken this past week:

  • Tulip – taken with iPhone 3GS and Hipstamatic.  John S & Pistil
  • Light – taken with iPhone 3GG and Hipstamatic.  John S & Kodot Verichrome
  • Funfair – taken with iPhone 3GS and Hipstamatic. John S & Kodot Verichrome

More of my iPhone 3GS pictures can be seen on my Flickr page